Unleash the Flavor Beast with Beast Mode - The Ultimate Disposable Vape Experience

Are you ready to elevate your vaping journey to unprecedented heights? Introducing Flavour Beast's flagship behemoth disposable vape – Beast Mode. Immerse yourself in the ultimate flavor experience as you switch on Beast Mode to engage its full dual-coil performance.

Key Features:

  1. Nicotine Strength Variations: Indulge in the perfect nicotine hit with 20mg/mL strength options.
  2. Specifications:
    • Puffs: Up to 8000, ensuring a long-lasting vaping experience.
    • Coil Options:
      • Beast Mode: Dual Mesh Coil
      • Standard Mode: Single Mesh Coil
    • Display: OLED Screen with Battery & E-Liquid Indicators for real-time monitoring.
    • Adjustable Airflow: Tailor your vaping experience to perfection.
    • Rechargeable: Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable 600mAh battery.
    • E-Liquid Capacity: A generous 16mL to keep you vaping for longer.

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