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Air Bar

Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape 1.8mL Banana ice 500 Puffs

Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape 1.8mL Banana ice 500 Puffs

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Introducing the Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape, a sleek and convenient vaping device that combines cutting-edge technology with tantalizing flavors. Manufactured by the trusted brand Air Bar, this disposable vape is designed to elevate your vaping experience with style and performance.

Key Features:

1. Puffs: Immerse yourself in a flavorful journey with up to 500 satisfying puffs per device, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable vaping experience.

2. Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine strength of 5%, the Air Bar Diamond delivers a satisfying and smooth hit that caters to both novice and experienced vapers.

3. E-liquid Capacity: Enjoy extended vaping sessions with the generous 1.8mL e-liquid capacity, providing ample space for your favorite flavors to shine.

4. Battery Capacity: Powered by a robust 380mAh battery, the Air Bar Diamond ensures lasting performance, allowing you to indulge in your vaping pleasure without the worry of frequent recharging.

5. Resistance Value: Featuring a 1.8Ω resistance value, this device strikes the perfect balance between vapor production and flavor intensity, delivering a satisfying throat hit with every puff.

6. PG/VG Ratio: The well-crafted 60/40 PG/VG ratio guarantees a harmonious blend of throat hit and vapor production, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

7. Leak-Proof Design: Say goodbye to messy leaks and spills. The Air Bar Diamond boasts a leak-proof design, ensuring a clean and hassle-free vaping experience.

8. Protection Mechanisms: Your safety is a top priority. This disposable vape includes low voltage protection and short circuit protection, adding an extra layer of security to your vaping sessions.


  • Sakura Grape: Experience the delightful fusion of sweet and floral notes with the enchanting Sakura Grape flavor.

  • Sour Apple: Tantalize your taste buds with the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness in every puff of Sour Apple.

  • Banana Ice: Indulge in the creamy richness of banana combined with a refreshing icy twist in the Banana Ice variant.

  • Strawberry Watermelon: Immerse yourself in the luscious blend of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon for a sweet and fruity vaping experience.

  • Watermelon Ice: Enjoy the crisp and cool sensation of Watermelon Ice, a perfect choice for those who crave a refreshing vaping experience.

  • Pineapple Ice: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with the Pineapple Ice flavor, featuring the exotic taste of pineapple enhanced by a cool menthol finish.

Elevate your vaping experience with the Air Bar Diamond Disposable Vape - where style, flavor, and performance converge to create an unforgettable journey for your senses.

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